• Payslips management
  • UNIEMENS processing and relevant trasmission
  • Telematic F24 processing
  • Supplementary pension funds management
  • Supplementary Helth care funds management
  • Substitutes declaration tax (770 form)
  • Digital files processing
  • Telematic application and obtainment to the proper Bodies (DURC form)
  • Managment on line of staff’s attendance


  • Fulfilment of Co’s start-up (INPS, INAIL INSCRIPTION), variation and closing of Co’s positions when requested
  • Procedures of establishing, modifying and closing subordinate employee relationships
  • Fulfilment for the posting of personnel in Italy and abroad
  • Individual agreements
  • Assistance in starting staging relationship
  • Preparation of Continuous Coordinated Collaborative Contracts. agency contract
  • Drawing up of self employment contracts. (occasional collaboration, work performance, agency
    contract, etc.)
  • Freelance work relationship


  • Assistance on the valuation and management of individual and/or collective dismissal procedures
  • Management of disciplinary proceeding
  • Procedures for the use of social dampers
  • Assistance on Co’s inspection
  • Drawing up of Co’s rules for own staff
  • Co’s second level Contract
  • Procedures for Obligatory placement
  • Management of personnel costs (monthly-annual budgets)
  • Security on job place valuation
  • Co’s welfare


  • Settlement of job disputes and agreements at Trade Union Quarter
  • Drawing up Job disputes settlement
  • Assistance on settlement with Trade Union organization
  • Social Shock-absorber
  • Consultancies and technical valuations with relevant calculations


The service is reserved to Directors, Managers and staff transferred to Italy.


  • Job Nihil Obstat
  • Complete Assistance for Family joint
  • Application for apartment suitability
  • Permission of stay
  • Application and obtainment of Consular visas
  • Application and obtainment of fiscal Code
  • Application and obtainment of Italian Identity Card
  • Inscription at Staff List
  • Inscription at National Health Service
  • All requested procedure to hire foreign citizen
  • Stay certificate (for European citizen)


  • Employer’s obligations

  • Annual salary certificate

  • Monthly payslip management

  • Obligatory inscription at the proper Bodies

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